What We Do

EasyRentals is a rental marketplace designed to facilitate and streamline rental orders in the B2B, B2C, and C2C domains. Ultimately, it will grow to many segments and countries, but it is launching now with a focus on events, AV, and consumer goods in Southern California.

To the consumer, EasyRentals is the Amazon of rentals providing these value propositions:

  • One stop shopping
  • Broad selection of items
  • Product and agency reviews
  • Wish lists enabling splitting of orders across multiple vendors with one payment
  • Loyalty incentives for every order
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Product and dealer reviews
  • Common credit app

To the rental agency, EasyRentals is a powerful sales and customer acquisition channel providing these value propositions:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Real-time inventory data integration enabling DIY order completion
  • Market insights
  • Customer Insights
  • Integration to CRM, HR and Accounting systems
  • Facilitated access to working capital

EasyRentals is currently a division of Relentless Software Solutions LLC, a San Marcos, CA based system integrator and customer software developer with 200+ developers and a core focus on the rental industry. Relentless is incubating EasyRentals until it is ready to be spun off as an independent company

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