What We Do

EasyRentals is a rental marketplace designed to facilitate and streamline rental orders in the B2B and B2C domains. Ultimately, we will grow to many segments and countries, but are first launching with a focus on events, AV, and consumer goods in Southern California.

To the consumer, EasyRentals provides:

  • One stop shopping
  • Broad selection of items
  • Product and agency reviews
  • Wish lists enabling splitting of orders across multiple vendors with one payment
  • Enhanced customer support

 To the rental business, EasyRentals provides:  

  • A powerful sales and customer acquisition channel
  • Real-time inventory data integration enabling DIY order completion
  • Online quote requests
  • Automated invoicing & order processing
  • Secure credit card payment processing

EasyRentals is currently a division of Relentless Software Solutions LLC, a San Diego, CA-based system integrator and customer software developer with 200+ developers and a core focus on the rental industry. Relentless is incubating EasyRentals until it is ready to be spun off as an independent company.

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